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MMG Compilation 74
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01 The Steeles Psalm 113 (Praise Ye The Lord)
02 Kolt Barber Send To Rain
03 The Freemans God Of The Storm
04 Ava Kasich Speak The Word
05 Aaron Wilburn No Charge
06 Bobby Jones Family Daddy Prayed
07 Perry Sisters Go Tell
08 Mercy Mountain Boys Better Way Of Livin'
09 Heirline No One Expected Me
10 Purpose I Know Me
11 The Cupps Dont Give Up
12 Gary Harbin Mercy Fell Like Rain
13 Lighthouse Lord Just Hold Me
14 Bill Baker Senor Of Senor
15 Dallas Rogers It Should've Been Me
16 John Lanier There's Gonna Be Shoutin'
17 Singing Cookes Coming Down